Searching for enthusiastic teammates!

Anyone interested in working actively on the project are welcome to reply.


hi, my name is Suellen and I have a background in Information Technology, I am a Biomedicine student and I have some ideas that can help in relation to the climate in how data technology can be used.

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Hi, my name is Polo and I’m interested in working on this project .Would you mind contacting me?

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Hi! My name is Malena, I am an anthropology student from Argentina and I am still looking for a team, do you have any spot?

Hola, mi nombre es Gabriel, estoy ingresando al primer año de la Licenciatura en Física en Argentina. Esta sería mi primera vez participando de estos concursos, y a pesar de mi inexperiencia presento mucho interés, compromiso y curiosidad para aprender en este futuro equipo.

Hello! My name is Lourdes Juarez, I would like to join your group. I am a student of International Relations and I am from Argentina

I want to join the team.

Hola, Malena!
Mi nombre es Claudio Marcelo Fimiani, soy de CABA, Argentina y me encantaría participar en el proyecto.
No tengo experiencia en Ciencias ya que soy artista y promotor de artistas. También tengo una agencia de noticias independiente.
Si se te ocurre alguna forma en la que pueda participar de la competencia sería de gran ayuda.
Muchas gracias!

Hi @Alan ! I am currently working as an attorney for the Brazilian water and waste management company owned by the state of São Paulo. Would you like to become a team?

Hi, @Alan. I believe there is another member of this community who is also seeking the opportunity to join a team: @samilahiwe1

Hello! I’m an physics engineer students and I’m very excited to work in this project.
I’m in a junior enterprise whose core business is space technology and I am working in a CubeSat project and in a experiment for gamma ray detection to go in the space rider.
As a result, I have experience with many softwares and great capability to adapt to technology. I have experience with Python, C++, Matlab.
Here’s my email:

Hi! I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student and i am very eager to work on this project is it possible that i can join your team?