I’m looking to join a team!

hello! i’m a first year student in Computer Science! looking to join someone’s team! I study at the university of Edinburgh.

Hi, I’m also going to be studying computer science at the university of Edinburgh and would be keen in teaming up. Let me know if you’re still interested.

Hi, I’m still interested. I should let you know that i’m a beginner and have a very basic coding experience, but this seems like an interesting opportunity. Let me know if you know how to go about it, or if you have more people who can join us!

Hi guys, I’m also looking for a team, I’m a designer, I have an idea. We maybe can discuss ideias.
I was interested in clean Water and Sanitation
If you want to talk to me, contact me on LinkedIn
Samila Picone | LinkedIn

hi, i am interested to join you, but i do not have a linkedin. is there an alternative way we can connect?


My name is Nadir Ahmed Himon. I am from Bangladesh. I have completed a B.Sc in Civil Engineering. I am interested in working with you.
My WhatsApp Number: +8801627844484
Email: himon480@gmail.com
FB ID: Nadir Ahmed Himon

Hello! I’m an physics engineer students and I’m very excited to work in this project.
I’m in a junior enterprise whose core business is space technology and I am working in a CubeSat project and in a experiment for gamma ray detection to go in the space rider.
As a result, I have experience with many softwares and great capability to adapt to technology. I have experience with Python, C++, Matlab.
Email me if you’re interested: arcmoura@gmail.com

Hi! i am currently studying mechanical Engineering and I am very eager to work on this project. Is there perhaps a space that is available for me join this group.