Looking for teammates for NASA Airathon

Hello everyone,

There are only one month left for this competition, and I am looking for teammates who can work together. I have strong background in data analysis and environmental science (especially air quality and water quality). I would like to have a team for the journey of this competition.

So far, I have done data analysis with MODIS satellite data and PM2.5 concentration. And want to expand this with other dataset. I have taken data science class, but not an experts. I would like to have teammates who aim for learning throughout this competition with me. If you are interested in, please leave comments so that we can rock this competition together!

Su Kyong Yun

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Hello Su,

I just found out about this competition today. If you’re still interested, I also would like to work as a team.

I am a master’s student in computer science and I have quite good experience in working with geospatial and remote sensing data.

Best regards