Finding teammates for future better earth visionaries

Hope you are all doing well. I’m . I’ve finished my high school and I’m enthusiast about data science. I’ve done some little projects by myself on SDGs and I’m really intrested to find a solution for those problems. Also I’ve created a comunity post you can check that out. Actually I’m searching for someone who have expertise in Python and can use the Microsoft Planetary Computer proficiently. I’m forming a team for this NASA: Pale Blue Dot Challenge. If you are intrested , kindly text me.
Thank you.

I’ve been looking for a team and while I’m not proficient with Python or using the satellite data, i would definitely like to learn as i do the challenge.
If you are okay with it, I would love to join your team.

Thanks for your interest. I really appreciate it. Can you Plasse share your social media account link so that I can discuss about the datasets with you there. Just to know if you can handle it.

Of course
I will try my best.

Hello @sadia_fahmida,

I am interested in joining your team for the challenge. I have experience working with Python, Ferret, and MATLAB, and I’m currently pursuing my MSc. Could you please provide more details about the specific focus or goals of your team, and any additional information about the project? I’m looking forward to learning more and contributing to the success of the team.

Best regards.

Hi! @shariful
Thanks for your interest. Can you Plasse share your social media account link so that I can discuss about the datasets with you there and also the detailed information you are looking for. We also have a discussion group. I would be glad if you consider sharing your account and have a nice conversation with our team.

Thanks .

Thank you for your prompt response @sadia_fahmida. I’ve shared my email address in your inbox, and I look forward to discussing the datasets and detailed information with you.

Best regards,

@shariful Thanks for providing your mail address. Please check your mail from I’ve sent you the details. Please check that out.

I have got your mail and replied. Thanks!


I am a physics major student in my third year. I want to join your group. I am very interested in solving those problems. I have no experience of coding, but I will help you solving the problem.