Exciting Opportunity to Join Our Team

Dear All,

I hope this message finds you well. We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity to join our team, and we believe you could be a valuable addition.

As we are growing and made two members. We are looking for more two dynamic individuals who are passionate about this ‘Pale Blue Dot’ project and eager to contribute their skills to our collaborative environment. The ideal candidates should possess dedicated to this project, and we welcome diverse perspectives that will enhance our team’s capabilities.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of a vibrant and innovative team, please message me. We look forward you and finding the perfect candidates to join us on this journey.

Feel free to message me.

Best regards,




I am excited about the opportunity to join your team for the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ project. I am eager to contribute to your dynamic team. Looking forward to discussing how I can be a part of this innovative project.

Best Regards

Hello Bilelo,
Thank you for showing interest to join our team.

Can you tell me which country do you live in?

Hello @Anonymous008 please how many man team are you guys are as of now cause me and my team mate are looking to join a team of 2 or have one join us. I am from Nigeria, i am new to data analytics, but i would love to work with your team on this.
Thank you.

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking forward to joining your team for ‘Pale Blue Dot’. It would be a pleasure to be a part of your dynamic team. My skills include Python and knowledge of various data analysis methods used at NASA. I look forward to discussing my involvement in this innovative project.

Best Regards,
Madhesh Velu

Hello im exited to join your team

Hello everyone, I am Saketh Mulakaluri, a final year Computer Science undergraduate student from India. My skills include Python and Data analysis. I don’t have experience in taking part in these challenges. May I join your team if there is vacancy ?

Thank you

Hey I would like to join this team for Pale blue dot visualization competetion, I stay in NC, USA and I have experience in tableau and data cleaning.
Please let me know if we can make a team

I am not legally authorised to travel to USA.
I have a passport but I don’t have Visa permissions to travel to USA.
Could I compete in this challenge?

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@MSaketh02 Unfortunately, participants need to be able to legally travel to the U.S. to receive the Best Overall Prize (the 10-day Space Study Program). However, you are still welcome to make a submission to the competition! You would still be eligible for either the Honorable Mentions for Compelling Visuals prize or the Community Code Bonus Prize.

What if I attend visa interview before traveling to USA ?

Hello, i am Msc Student in France. I have no prior experience in image recognition but i desire to learn and upgrade my skills. I have some knowledge in ML. I would love to join your team,

@MSaketh02 If you become able to secure a visa and legally travel to the U.S., then you would become eligible for the Best Overall Prize.

Does that answer your question? Let us know if you need any more details!

i want to join this team. though i am still new to this program.

@Anonymous008 actually i have no data analysis skills, though i have a desire for the implementation of the SDGs. that is why i decided to be part of this work

I would like to join the team, if you’re still open.

Hello, I’m Jabir from Bangladesh. I am a graduate of Petroleum engineering and I would like to join your team. I’d love to participate with you.

Yes I got your point.

Hello there!
My name is Shahal, a graduated Mechanical Engineer from Bangladesh Navy . I am seeking to be a passionate, enthusiastic and looking to learn from great friendships along the journey! I seek to join a team of a diverse background and specialties. If you are interested, please consider me as a eligible member in your brilliant team…
Cheers to exploring unknown
Gratitude and regards