Finding teammates!

Let’s look for teammates here in this thread!


I’d love to join a team!!! I consider myself to be modestly intermediate/advanced in deep learning, computer vision, time series analysis - but i lack expertise in Geospatial data… Let me know if anyone is interested in joining forces!

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Hi, I would like to find a teammate and my background is in climate science and ML. What is your time zone?

Im in Australia East - what about you?

Hey guys, looking for a teammate here as well! [
CET — Central European Time

Hey @Ilagith @SwetaX @eyastaifour @duan0000!
I’m Karthik. Currently in USA, will be moving back to India in a week. I have zero experience, but recently completed my course in DL. Would like to work as team - it shall be my pleasure learn, and do more along with you throughout the process. Would it be possible to join your team if you are already working together?

Dear Eyas, you are still interested to form a team?

Hey everybody! @kar95ar @eyastaifour and others!

I’m also looking for a team! I’m based in France, this is my first competition, I have a master’s in aerospace engineering and I’m currently following an ML specialization online.

Would love to learn with teammates and win together! Please contact me!

Dear Eyas can we start discussion about team and competition