Relevant papers or blogs


Can anyone suggest me any relevant papers or blogs useful for this competition as working with satellite images is a challenging domain for me.


I find the NASA ARSET trainings to be a very useful resource for learning the basics of satellite data analysis. You can look through the trainings relevant to air quality here; they have recordings of past trainings along with example exercises and sample code.


thanks carl for your quick response

We just published a blog post tutorial for working with MAIAC data in the Particulate Matter Track. You can find it here: How to Predict PM2.5 using MAIAC Aerosol Optical Depth Data - DrivenData Labs

You’ll find Python code to download the data, load an HDF4 file, clean and reproject the data, and finally build a rudimentary model.

In addition to the ARSET trainings, I’d also recommend these free Earth Data Science courses: Use Data for Earth and Environmental Science in Open Source Python | Earth Lab CU Boulder | Earth Data Science - Earth Lab

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