Team needed! I am an experienced engineer

I have about years of experience working with a few languages on the API/Engineering side. Looking for someone with background on the science/stat side or just the data analysis side to go win this!

Hey! I am on the science side. Maybe we can make a successful team.

Hey im a data science/ data engineer. We could create a team!

I’d be happy to team up as well, I’m also a Data Engineer / Data Scientist

Invited everyone to the team!

Has anyone made progress? What is going well and what are the hardest challenges you are facing? What steps do you think are next? If yall can answer that this week, I will build a trello board and slack so we can work effectively together!

If any of yall are online right now, it me up right away!

I want to joined to the team

Hi @kaynes
I am not a team member but I have a question,what should be the data science technique need to fight in competition.

Image processing by matlab

Hi Turki, What is your skillset/background?

The competition is to pick the right ones, which can be many :slight_smile:

What is your background? Do you have a math degree? Programming skills? if it’s neither that’s OK, but getting started might require some learning, I can send over some you tube videos!

If you are brand new, I would not focus on trying to win the whole competition, just take it slow and learn.

Thank you yes I am new and also not from those subject background but history background I will like to learn such just that it boost me on history research and also want to engage in data science world.yes do please send me vedios.

Physics degree
Image processing introduction on matalab
If you have videos please send it .
This is my email
I can send my CV to your email.

@Turki / @Su_raj

Those backgrounds are so interesting!! Su, I would love to see more ML used for studying history!! Turki, Physics will help you here, just get ready to get into a world that is WAY more subjective!

Here are the videos that have helped me, sorted by subject! I am a newbie somewhat myself to ML, but I have 7 years of programming experience in python.

Basics and high level

Getting in to the details

NOTE This is a new field! You, me, and everyone involved will have to do a LOT of self teaching. has been helpful so far for specific questions (like “convert this code to pytorch”) but just be patient and do your best! Our team might be full right now but I’ll let y’all know!

Want another member? I am still fairly new to the data world but not super green. Intermediate I guess you could say.

Hi! Late to the party, but I’d love to join if you have space for someone in the stats/analysis side of things.

About Me: I’m currently a grad student in statistics and computer science, with a focus on data science. I have a fair bit of experience with CNNs and currently work for MathWorks PT.

I can be reached at: groversiddharth21[at]gmail[dot].com

Chat soon!