Submission didn't go through

I tried to submit many times, but I faced a lot of problems.

need support.

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Hi @YassY_SteamPunk

This is likely a result of slow upload. We recommend trying to make a submission over a faster internet connection.

If you continue to see this error message, you may submit via email to info [at] drivendata [dot] org as an attachment or Google drive link.

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Hi @kwetstone,

Thanks, i did send the email on time in the end, because it didn’t go through.

@YassY_SteamPunk We received your submission via email. There are some missing and extra files that would have prevented the submission for uploading. I sent you an email with the next steps needed, please reach out if you did not receive it.

@kwetstone Please review my email; I shared the correct format.

best Regards.