Poor Internet connection

Hello Organisers,

Please, is there anyway to accommodate those with poor internet connection. Virtually all my submissions timeout. My speed test for internet in my country is low, less than 1 mbps.

Usually, when I’m uploading to Google Drive, even with a heavy file size, I can upload without timeouts. However, on this platform the moment I experience a little lag, I receive error message unable to upload to cloud, contact administrator. Uploads on this platform don’t play nice with slow internet.

Please, working on this project with poor internet in my country is very limiting. I don’t know if there is anyway to still be able to contribute submissions to the platform even with slow internet.

Thank you.

Hi @flamethrower,

I’m sorry to hear that this has been a challenge. I don’t think there’s anything immediate that we can do to help, but we are discussing options internally for how we might address this issue.

I’m glad to see you were able to make a submission in the last couple days. Please feel free to keep us posted if this continues to be a major problem. We’ll do the same if anything changes on our end.


Thank you for the response.

Yeah i’m finding a way around it to an extent but it’s been uncomfortable making submissions, I understand it won’t be an immediate improvement but I don’t know if moving forward there can be a way for submissions on the platform to not be heavily affected by network timeouts.

Thank you.