Since 7-8 hours QUEUED: There are currently 5 submissions ahead of yours

Submission is pending since 7-8 hours , and status remains the same

QUEUED: There are currently 5 submissions ahead of yours.

Whats is the problem here?



Not able to do single.submission in 24 hours.
Thinking to stop working on this comp.

Now there are 8 subs in queue, hope that host could fix their issue soon.

18 hours since my sub and I’ve only moved from 7th to 5th in queue. :frowning:

24 hours without moving up in the queue. Seems like process has crashed and hasn’t been checked / restarted.

Dear all,

Our apologies for the downtime this weekend. All submissions in the queue have been processed in the last few hours, and you should be able to see your new scores.

There is no need to re-submit what you’ve already submitted. But please let us know if you experience any other problems.