The problem of submission waiting time


I just noticed in the last few days that we’re having back the problem of long queue waiting time, as the deadline getting closer. Could you please increase the number of nodes so that we can make the best of it in the next few days of the competition??



Yes please!! At this rate we’ll be lucky to submit more than once…

QUEUED: There are currently 30 submissions ahead of yours.

It looks like the competition is over, wait time is too long to submit more than 1 until the deadline now.

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It would be nice to be able to submit at least today!

Hi all, we appreciate your enthusiasm for making the most out of the last day! Note that the deadline is for making a submission: any code submissions that have been properly submitted before the end of the competition are eligible, and will be run and added to the leaderboard (even if they have not completed execution by the submission deadline). At this point we are not adding more nodes, so make your last submission count!

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thanks for the awesome information.