Is the submission system down?

As the title implies, I cannot upload my submission. In particular, the “Uploading…” continues after an hour!

The submission system is operating normally.

How large is your submission file? It is likely an issue with your internet connection and the time it takes to get to our servers. Making your submission file smaller is the best way to upload reliably. For example you could do that by:

  • Zipping the file so that it is compressed before you upload it.
  • Since you are outputting probabilities, you can write fewer digits (e.g., 0.9843 instead of 0.98435232123). Usually this will not affect your score, but will reduce the size of a CSV.
  • If you are submitting a zip file, you could consider rounding down all small probabilities to 0. This will be much more compressible, and it is not likely to affect your score since the metric is top-10 accuracy.
  • Submitting from a machine on a faster internet connection

Hope that helps!