Troubleshooting: Upload failed

My is size 2.8G, and contains only query_descriptors.npz, reference_descriptors.npz (embedding dimension 512). When trying to upload, I get the Upload failed error, with “There was a problem uploading your submission to the cloud. Please try again or contact a competition administrator”. This occurs when it is around 50% uploaded.

Does the file size seem right? Is it likely a network issue on my end?

Hey @simple_machine - I have been able to upload ~3GB submissions to the platform, and I believe other participants with similarly-sized submissions have been able to upload them as well. Has the submission failed multiple times? My first guess is that it may be a network issue, but if there have been repeated failures we can investigate further.


Hey Chris,

Thanks yes it turned out to be a network issue on my end, my WiFi was unstable, but connecting to ethernet helped.