Is there a limit for the submission file size?

Turns out my submission file size might grow quite large. Just wondering before I try to submit anything, is there a limit for the allowed size of the file?

HI @kamarain,

There is not an explicit submission file size limit. However, there will be file size limits in practice based on whether your upload to the cloud storage service times out.

If you are seeing an upload fail partway through, it could be a sign that your submission file is too large to reliably upload. It could also be due to network errors.

How big of a file are you trying to upload? As a reminder, you should generally not be uploading large amounts of data. Please see this FAQ entry.

Yeah, thanks. I managed to upload after reduction of the file size. I’m not uploading any data, it just happens that model weights are quite heavy indeed…

The successful upload failed running because of the internal folder structure of the zip archive, now I’m trying again without any folders. Let’s see what happens.