Any size limitation for a submission file?

All of the submission files should be compressed to one .tar.gz file. Your tar.gz file for submission should be around 1.6 GB. Large tar.gz files will be rejected.

When I submit a file larger than 4GB, I get an error message, but the score will be calculated after a while. Is this submission file invalid for this contest? If it is invalid, please provide clear criteria such as file size limitation.


Hi @smly, your file is not invalid — rather, it is likely that your web request is simply timing out with such a large file leading to unexpected behavior.

If this happens again, please take a screenshot, note the time (UTC), and email us at so we can dig in.

(That email address is where support requests should be directed, the forums are for discussion of subject matter.)

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Thank you for your answer. Now it makes sense to me. Also, I have one submission where the spinner icon has been spinning for over 24 hours now. I will send an email to resolve this.