Cannot post new "community code" nor update the posted copy?


We are new to DrivenData and our team just made our first final submission for Unsupervised Wisdom Project two minutes before the deadline (Oct 6 23:59 UTC).

We wish to update our posted notebook right after the crunch time but just found out that the link “post” does not work. Could you please fix?

It did not occur to us that this may be related to submission deadline until now. Is that the case?

We just want to update the current copy using the submitted copy.

Thanks for your help!
Rearch4Good team
(at 5:25pm local time)

ps - A minor idea/ “feature request”: a check mark HTML widget beside the “submit” button so that teams could easily consent to sharing their notebook already archived in the uploaded *zip. That way, the upload processes for two objectives (sharing code and making deadline for evaluation) could be merged into one click. This will be super helpful for those with who are still working till last minute.