Unable to submit

I am unable to submit my submission folder, I keep getting the error: can’t open file ‘/code_execution/main.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory .
My zip folder is submission.zip and has a ‘code _execution’ folder within it which has the main.py file.
I hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Your final submission should be a zip archive named with the extension .zip (for example, submission.zip). The root level of the submission.zip file must contain a main.py which generates a file called submission.csv that contains your predicted annotations for the notes. Your submission.csv file should have the same structure as the submission format. GitHub - drivendataorg/snomed-ct-entity-linking-runtime: Runtime repository for the SNOMED CT Entity Linking challenge on DrivenData . code_execution folder is probably autogenerated, you should not use that

Still not working. The root folder contains the main.py file along with a assets folder. I am zipping my folder in a windows system, is it the problem?

Is there an error? (there is a smoke-test submisson mode with a bit of output logs) You can try to replicate problem locally with that github repo i mentioned. There is a working example of submission.zip and code to reproduce submission process. I dont think zippin on osname matter

With the smoke-test submission mode, I get file not found error: ‘/code_execution/main.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory . To try out locally, the commands are not for the windows cmd as far as I can understand hence I am unsure how to proceed with it.

you have not to zip a folder: you have to zip main.py and assets.


Thank you for your clarification. The uploading time is very slow. Can there be some kind of extension to the deadline?

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