Same code which was earlier gettng passed now failing

Same code which was earlier getting passed now failing in smoke as well as normal submission. Only weights are modified.
Following is print of submission.csv
note_id start end concept_id
0 12204158-DS-10 182 193 91936005
1 12204158-DS-10 196 201 1003755004
saving output as sapns.to_csv(‘submission.csv’,index=False)
On local setup submission.csv is having same format as sample submission.
Not sure why submissions are etting failed with error message
The submission file your code generated is not a valid submission. Check the execution logs for more details and compare the output of your program with the submission example.

@phoenix16 For your submissions, I’m seeing the error message “Zero or negative spans prohibited”. This indicates that your submission.csv contains predicted spans that have zero length.

Can you confirm that you are seeing this error message?

Thanks. Need to debug
Though error message is misleading.