Test good locally and upload smoke test, the exit code is 0, but run failed

smoke test id is : id-252961. Could anyone help me check what happened? I am confused about the situation.

Hi @dongyang -

Our platform does additional validation to ensure that predicted spans have the correct format. One form of validation is that there should be no spans with less than 1 character in them (since predictions with the same start and end index are meaningless). You should be receiving an error message that says something like “Zero or negative spans prohibited: found 1 spans with length less than one”. You should look at your local submission csv to determine why your code is outputting a span that has no length.

Let me know if you continue to experience issues.


I like to learn too.

Hi Chrisk,

Thank you for the clarification on the additional validation. I’ve resolved the issue and successfully submitted.

Also, could I inquire about any plans to extend the deadline?

Thank you.

My kind regards,

Hi @dongyang-

There are no plans to extend the deadline. The competition will close as scheduled on Tuesday, March 5th at 11:59 PM UTC.