Thursday Pre-screening Submission Reminder

Hey all,

Just a quick reminder that if you submit your algorithm write-ups for prescreening by this evening, we’ll get them checked at the SME meeting tomorrow and get you feedback promptly.

For folks who didn’t make it through in the rush for the progressive prizes last friday, we encourage you to submit/resubmit this week. Simple, step-by-step, plain english algorithm descriptions (think what you’d write for an undergraduate homework assignment, rather than what you’d write for a publication) are great-- they help us review quicker, and help you catch and fix any simple mistakes or oversights. Everyone who’s hanging out in the open-arena— You’re just one writing assignment short of joining the fun on the prescreened arena!

And if you’re already in the prescreened arena, but you’d like a DP check-up on updates to your algorithm, you’re very welcome to write those changes up and resubmit to prescreening. You still have to go back to the open area page to send in the submission, Greg has instructions on the other thread.