Prescreening Deadline Update: Thursday 1/21/21 (early submission Tuesday 1/19/21)

Hi all-- A quick handy notice, we will be shifting our weekly SME prescreening meetings to Friday mornings. Originally we’d stated that you needed to have your write-up submitted by Tuesday evening to be included in a given week’s review-- now we’re extending that to Thursday evenings.

We’ve got the progressive prize deadline coming up next week-- an easy 1K if you’re quick into the prescreened leaderboards! So as long as you submit your write-up this coming Thursday night (1/21/21), you’ll be guaranteed to have it prescreened on Friday (1/22/21) and if you pass, you’ll be able to submit to the prescreened leaderboard before the progressive prize deadline on Monday evening.

However, that may be cutting it a bit tight, if you want plenty of time to get your code submission working on the prescreened leaderboard before the progressive prize cut-off (at 10pm ET on Monday 1/25/21). So if you do submit your write-up this week by this evening (Tuesday 1/19/21), we’ll try to get you an early prescreen review, and if you pass you’ll have a couple more days with access to the prescreen leaderboard before the prize deadline. If you don’t pass, you’ll have the chance to resubmit again before Friday.