Have you forgotten to submit your executable to the next arena?

Just a quick reminder that there’s a sequence of two different leaderboards to this challenge, and in order to be invited to final scoring, you need to be placed on the second leaderboard by 8pm this Monday (11/9).

Anyone who’s write-up passed prescreening, but who hasn’t actually submitted their containerized code/executable to the prescreened arena yet, you’ll have until 8pm EST Monday to submit in order to be eligible for final scoring. Submitting early is better, in case you run into any unexpected issues (feel free to reach out if you’re having trouble getting your code to run in the prescreened arena). You can see the problem description page for more information on the two arenas.

Prescreened Arena Link:

We’ve got a handful of great algorithm submissions that have passed prescreening, but haven’t actually submitted their executables to be scored in the next arena, and it’d be unfortunate if they’re not able to be invited to final scoring. Have a productive weekend everyone!

One important clarification, in two points:

(1) For this first sprint, we’ve decided to open up the invitation to final scoring to everyone whose algorithm write-ups passed the DP-prescreening (regardless of your score on the prescreen leaderboard).

(2) You’ll get more details on this in an announcement email tomorrow, but your final submission (with executable solution, commented & readable source code, code guide, and final clear/complete algorithm write-up-- see the forum post on final submissions) is due at the end of this week, on 11/15… and you will make your final submission through the prescreened leaderboard. This is a change from the previous challenge, where we asked you to create a final submission package and submit directly. For this challenge, when you prepare and submit your final submission, you’ll get one last entry on the public/prescreened leaderboard, before we open it up backstage and start the final scoring with the withheld data.

Those two points together mean, if you’ve passed algorithmic prescreening, the deadline to submit your code to the prescreened leaderboard isn’t 8pm today. You’ll have until the 15th to prepare a final submission and submit it to the prescreened leaderboard.

Hi Christine,

Our team has developed a new solution that is significantly different with the solution we submitted one week ago. Is that okay we submit new version sometimes tomorrow, and you can check it somtimes before the deadline 11/15 and let us know.


Hi Cuongk14–

So we’re past the deadline for prescreening now, but if you’ve already been prescreened you’re still invited to submit to final scoring even if your algorithm has changed. You’ll just need to have an updated/correct write-up when you send in your final submission.

That said, we won’t be ‘screening’ your new algorithm, it’ll just be going straight to final DP validation. So make sure to think carefully through your privacy proof (writing in clear, well-defined steps helps with this) and double check your work before submitting.