Prescreened leaderboard has new data! (Progressive Prizes next monday)

Hey all,

Greg posted about this last week (and you can check his post for full details), but here’s a quick tldr of some key points:

(1) Next monday we’ll be handing out $1K to the top four teams across both leaderboards. The prescreened leaderboard outranks the open one, but right now both are looking pretty sparse. Just get something in and we’ll pay you :slight_smile:

(2) If you submit your algorithm write-up to prescreening (where we sanity check that it satisfies DP) then we let you into the prescreened leaderboard, and that gives you top priority for those progressive prizes. Please try to get your prescreening write-up submitted by tonight (4/20) for a review decision tomorrow (4/21), but if you miss that deadline, we’ll still be accepting them up until thursday night (4/22) for a friday review, just under the wire to try for a progressive prize next monday. If you submit tonight and fail prescreening, we’ll let you fix and resubmit for another chance on thursday.

(3) We have listened to audience demand! The prescreened leaderboard is using a different data set than the public data provided in the competitor’s pack. This means you won’t need to be quite as worried about unnaturally high scores on the prescreened leaderboard due to overfitting the public data (although you should still be cautious about overfitting the prescreened leaderboard data).
One important note: this data has a slightly different set of cab companies than the public data (so don’t hardcode that in your solution).

We submitted a pre-screening write up last night and haven’t heard back yet, was there an issue?

The SME review meeting was only a few hours ago and we’re still writing up the feedback for everyone. It’ll be sent out soon!