Seeking Wise Minds for a Sustainable Future!

We’re a pair of engineers, one in the realm of computer science and the other treading the path of sustainability, embarking on the Pale Blue Dot Challenge. Our journey is searching for two brilliant minds, wiser and sharper than us, who can see the world in numbers and stories. If you are someone who thrives in data science, environmental science, or social policy and carries a spark brighter than ours, your wisdom is our treasure. Together, let’s blend simplicity with brilliance and create a narrative of change.

Hello, I would like to be a member of your team! I am a student of Public Health and a ONU youth ambassador, I have a certificate on the ODS of the challenge.

Hello! I’m an physics engineer students and I’m very excited to work in this project.
I’m in a junior enterprise whose core business is space technology and I am working in a CubeSat project and in a experiment for gamma ray detection to go in the space rider.
As a result, I have experience with many softwares and great capability to adapt to technology. I have experience with Python, C++, Matlab.

I have just emailed you , let’s collaborate .

Hello! I am Adamu Salisu, interested in joining your team.
Here’s my email address:

Hi I am student of Amity university I would like to be the part of your Team

Hi, I am final year chemical engineering student. I have 3 research papers related to the wastewater treatment, soil treatment and renewable energy from algae. I have also joined ‘10 billion strong’ community which is related to the environmental problems and the possible solutions to them. Looking for a team.