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Remote sensing data links issues:

am having trouble with remote sensing data download links …any help…???

EDIT: My issue is resolved - I am new to live geospatial data and didn’t know about these container-based resources. But luckily it’s all described in data details. Maybe this also resolves your issue @samtech? is not the filal like, just the link to the container. Data Details specifies how to access individual resources.

Original Post:

I have issues, too. Specifically the link for the MODIS Terra MOD10A1 and Aqua MYD10A1 data returns ResourceNotFound.
I am using the link as specified:

Is there any equivalent data source listed here?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@samtech To get started working with remote sensing data for this challenge, we encourage you to read through the Development Stage page of the competition and specifically check out the data access details and example notebooks listed under each data source as @Johnny.Research mentions.

For example, this example notebook walks through how to access MODIS data on Azure. Good luck!