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Modis products allowed


Can we use any of the modis products listed here : MODIS | AIforEarthDataSets using the Approved data access location: ?

Or, are we limited to MODIS Terra MOD10A1 and Aqua MYD10A1

Same question for Copernicus DEM, can we use 30M resolution or are we restricted to 90M resolution?


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The description is pretty clear: you can use currently just MODIS Terra MOD10A1 and Aqua MYD10A1 and Copernicus 90m.

If you want to use additional data you have to make a request.

it’s not clear at all,
they are talking about the “approved data access location” not about “approved products” we can use using the access location.
For what reason can’t we use copernicus30m instead of 90m using the same approved data access location?

I quote : “Note that only the listed data access locations are pre-approved for use. You must go through an approved access location when using these sources for inference.”

@mchahhou Thanks for reaching out about this. @ironbar is correct, only the listed data sources (products) and access locations are approved for use during inference. If you would like to use a different product even at the same data access location, you can follow the data request process as described here.

Good luck!

Thank you for making it very clear