Google Earthengine MODIS broken!

Google Earthengine collelction MODIS/006/MOD10A1 is not generating its product.
The last available i can see is on 2022-06-01. ‘NDSI_Snow_Cover’ , given by it is part
of my solution. What can we do under such circumstances.

  1. Can we use Planetary computer’s source instead generating similar output
  2. Not use it at all
  3. Use previous weeks data if appropriate.

In all cases perhaps some modification to original code will be required?

Yes, you may use the Planetary Computer version of that data. See the Evaluation Stage, where we list that as an approved source. Also relevant from that page:

Following this submission, if any additional code changes are needed during the live evaluation period to ensure successful weekly submissions, these will need to be tracked clearly. Again, no changes may be made to training code or model weights. In order to be eligible for prizes, prize finalists will be required to submit a final code repository which includes clear tracking (code diff) of any changes from their initial code submission and the weekly submissions they apply to.

MODIS Planetary Computer are not update. What url we can use for downloading ?

@leigh.plt it looks the Planetary Computer has data through 6/14 which seems within the normal time range of when it is made available. When do you think it stopped updating?

You cheack version 6.1. But Allow use only version 6. Last update for v6 is 9 june.
Can we use direct link from MODIS/Aqua Snow Cover Daily L3 Global 500m SIN Grid, Version 6 | National Snow and Ice Data Center ?

Approved data access locations:
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Thanks for the clarification @leigh.plt. If data was not available from approved sources in a reasonable time frame, we will exclude the week from scoring as we did for the week of 3/3. We will investigate what the best options are for future weeks if version 6 does not get updated.

We decided to exclude 6/16 based on the missing MODIS data. Thanks for letting us know, and stay tuned for updates about that data!

v6 should start updating again on the Planetary Computer in the next few days. If it isn’t available in time for this week’s submission, we’ll again exclude this week from scoring for fairness. At a minimum, it should be available for the final week.

Its happened again. Only small chank of days are available. Last 4 days are not uploaded.

MODIS v6 products should now be available on Azure blob storage. Note: 6.0 products are not being ingested into the STAC API so direct azure blog storage is the only access route. They should be in the same location as they were before. @leigh.plt can you let me know if you can see them? If you can’t, please let me know where you’re looking.

I use python api ( Azure Storage Blob :: ) for access to the data and last 5 days are not available via this package.

What’s the exact azure blob storage location you’re looking at? (e.g.

Yes. This path as in the tutorial. Very slow updating process.

Great, that’s the right place to look. We’ve heard that the the v6 products for the last few days should be getting ingested soon.

See the latest announcement (data is up!):