Azure guidance please

Hi there,

I just started with this, but am badly stuck already, specifically in trying to get the MODIS data. I’ve worked with satellite data before, specifically sentinel which I could obtain via git, but here even MODIS seems to be easier to get directly from the source rather than from Azure / Microsoft.

However, looking at the Approved data access location links it seems you require access through Azure. I’m struggling as a lot of the guidance is pretty general. For example, I can access data just fine using this URL

but, if I try to run your sample modis notebook, it tells me there is no ContainerClient in this line of code.

from import ContainerClient

I’m running this locally after installing azure-storage-blob, but it seems you have to run this directly on the Azure ML platform in stead?

I do not really know Azure, and I think clarity here will really unlock the thing for me and address a lot of my problems - can you do this locally and, if not, what specific Azure accounts do you require?

From my struggles it seems like ML + Storage accounts are what you need but any guidance here will be greatly appreciated.



I do not believe Azure is a free-to-access cloud service anymore and the example notebooks are outdated. I believe the service was discontinued 2 years ago.

You might have success for 30 days on the 30 days free trial for the ML and Storage account.