Read and/or save image difficulties

Hi Organizers and other competitors,

We have a lot of difficulties finally to read all images to run our model our get and save all images locally on the environnement we use for the challenge (so this is quiet a big challenge for us ^^). We would like to know if you have some tips. Where are you run the model ? On the HDH environnement ? We don’t have access to HDH and we don’t see in the competition description any subject about access to the HDH.

Thank you

IAvengers Team

If you have a credit card, you acn sign up for a Google Cloud account free trial where they give you 300 USD credits to use. You need to activate the account with your credit card to be able to increase your quotas (no GPU for free trial) but it still only deducts from the free credits. If you don’t have/want to use a credit card I think you can still sign up and use TPU but that brings its own challenges.