No logs to report errors

Our submission consistently fails on a specific image, but the log does not provide any error information, leaving us with no clues for debugging. Additionally, we are not permitted to print any information about the problematic image. In light of this, we would like to request assistance from the technical staff of the challenge platform to determine whether there is any additional error information that was not included in the current log. Thanks!

The submission time is:2023-04-24 13:23:22 UTC

Hi @Biototem, we looked into this and it looks like the container ran out of memory, which is why your logs end abruptly. Please check how your submission is managing RAM, make some adjustments, and try again.

Thank you for your reply, we are making the changes.

Hi @emily, facing the same issue. There are no error logs and smoke test is running without any issue. The batch size is the same in both smoke test and final submission, so it might not be an out of memory error, unless there is some unexpectedly large file in the test set.
Any additional help or hint about the exact issue would be really helpful.

Doesn’t look like a memory error. I’m not seeing anything jump out in the cluster metrics so I’m sorry I can’t provide better guidance on this one. Looks like your most recent submission was successful. Let me know if you continue to face issues!

Hi @Emily , we are also facing the same issue here. Some guidance would be very helpful.