Using models from TissueNet

We’d like to gauge whether participants have models from the TissueNet challenge that they would like to use in the VisioMel challenge. As is stands, models trained on TissueNet data are not allowed in the VisioMel challenge as they do not meet the standard that pre-trained models must be freely and publicly available.

Drop a comment below if you have TissueNet models you would like to use, and we’ll determine the best way forward.

@kbrodt and @karelds, wanted to make sure you saw this given you were a part of TissueNet. Can you confirm whether you have pretrained TissueNet models you’re hoping to use in this challenge or if this doesn’t apply?

I don’t expect to use TIssueNet models in this challenge

I’m not using pretrained models on TissueNet

Thanks both for your reply!