Questions about End Phase 1 Submission

End Phase 1 Submission page says about h5 file like this: “This will be the finalized Phase 1 version of the file that you’ve already been submitting for evaluation.”, but I would like to submit other version which hasn’t been submitted yet.
Is it okay to submit the version which hasn’t been submitted as a final version?

How about this?

Yes, that is ok @lyakaap.

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Hi @dd-mike

Thank you for your clarifications.
Does the same apply to the Matching track? Can we submit the results from methods other than the submitted ones and still be in the competition?
My assumption is that they will not be eligible for the final prizes. But will they be considered and included in the final results? or will they be discarded and the team disqualified?

Thanks again!

Hi @gkordo,

Please don’t submit anything in Phase 2 that does not come from the model documented in your End Phase 1 Submission.

If you want to make a submission for a new method other than the submitted one, you will be able to do this after Phase 2 has ended.

I hope this helps.

@dd-mike, that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!