PETs Challenge - Data Availability

There is no public data for this yet but the Track page says that you will be provided datasets representing synthetic population data that includes:

  • a social contact network, capturing when and where any two people come into contact, and the duration of the contact
  • demographic attributes of individuals
  • observations of individuals’ health state (i.e., whether they are infected or not).

Any idea when will that be?

Hi, I wonder how to download Track A’s data. Thanks.

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Hi @sony.rajan and @dwtqq, welcome to the PETs Prize Challenge!

I’ve merged your two topics together and renamed it, so that I can address both of your questions in one place.

The challenge organizers are still finalizing both the Track A and Track B datasets. The details in the two data overview pages are also being updated as the datasets become finalized. We expect that everything will be ready soon (within the next two weeks), at which time we will release the datasets for both tracks for download. We will be sure to have clear announcements when this happens.

Thank you for your patience!

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I am not able to find the Track A: Financial Crime data also,
Can you please confirm that it was not posted yet?
Samer Hanoudi

Hi @shanoudi,

The data has not yet been posted for either track. We are expecting that they will be ready sometime this week, and will follow-up with announcements and with a response in this thread.

Hi @jayqi,
Thank you for your response,
Do you know if the due date will be extended because of this delay?

Hi everyone,

The development data for “Track B: Pandemic Forecasting” is now available on the data download page for the challenge. This data is intended for teams to use locally for solution development in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

We have also updated the data overview page with additional details about the data and the modeling task. Please review that page for an explanation of the dataset and the risk forecasting task.

The data and an update to the overview page for “Track A: Financial Crime” is not yet available but will be coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

@shanoudi: There are no changes to the competition timeline planned.