Labels test data of evaluation sets

Would it be possible for the red teams to also get access to the correct labels for the test datasets? I noticed in the Financial Crime dataset that this is missing. I assume this will also be the case for the Pandemic dataset. Would it be possible to get access to it?

(At least) Some solutions also don’t contain the code for their centralized submission. Would it be possible to get access to that as well?

Hi @JasperDekoninck,

The test labels are available now from the data download page of the challenge website: US site | UK site

Regarding the centralized submission code—can you please explain why you need this? We don’t expect that the centralized version of the solution is relevant to privacy attacks. If you would prefer to keep your explanation private because this is an ongoing competition, please follow up by email.

Hi @JasperDekoninck,

We have made the blue teams’ centralized submissions available. All red teams—both US and UK—should have received follow-up emails this evening with additional access credentials.