Evaluation Data ——Financial Crime

We found the number of test data per day is half of train data:
1)the evaluation data is the remaining data of the test data?
2)feature enginnering can use now test data?

Hi @zhang66,

This is not a normal machine learning challenge where you train a model on training data and submit predictions on test data. In this challenge, teams submit code that will be executed to perform both training and test in a remote evaluation cluster on held out data. The evaluation data is an entirely separate and disjoint dataset consistent of both train and test splits.

Please review the documentation here: Competition: U.S. PETs Prize Challenge: Phase 2 (Financial Crime)

Hi @jayqi ,

During evaluation phase, is the test split accessible during training? If yes, what information is accessible?


Hi @kevinchow32,

During the evaluation, the test split will not be made accessible to the training code. Please see the documentation for how the data will be provided to your training code: Competition: U.S. PETs Prize Challenge: Phase 2 (Financial Crime)