Looking for any updates


I am looking for any updates on the PREPARE Phase I challenge. If the NIH/NIA representatives need any more information, we would be happy to discuss.

Thank you in advance for your time!

@ceosol Finalists were selected and have been contacted directly. An announcement was just posted here. We received a lot of great submissions; thanks for your participation!

Will the submission data (winners and all others) be publicly available? By the way, the announcement link you shared is invalid.


Hi @trangnv, thanks for your question! You need to be logged in and have joined the competition to be able to see the announcements. The winners will be announced publicly later this summer. It is not yet clear which, if any, datasets will be released publicly, since we are still working out the licensing agreements. We’ll be sure to post any updates on that front to the website and to the forum.

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