Final leaderboard results

Hi, I was wondering if any research is going to be published as part of this competition? Hoping to get more information on the top 3 winning models.

On another note, I can only see the top 50 submissions on the final leaderboard test scores. Were there no other submissions or only the top 50 have been displayed?

Thank You!

Hi @anerirana.

For this competition, prize-winners will be required to open-source their solutions. Keep an eye out for an announcement in the coming weeks when this is ready—we’ll update the competition page with results as well make a blog post on our blog about our winners.

For the leaderboard, you should now be able to view additional pages of results. This is a new enhancement that we recently made to our platform. Let us know if you find this useful and whether you have any feedback!

Thanks, @jayqi for the response, it was very helpful!

hi @jayqi, for things like solution verification, will the winners be contacted by drivendata or do we need to self submit the solutions ? If

DrivenData will be reaching out by email to the overall finalists and bonus prize finalists with further instructions.