Continue to test submissions after competition


Is it possible to keep submitting our data after the competition or to use the same evaluation algorithm you used for the competition on our side? I’d like to continue to develop my model/algorithm on my side for the learning experience. Being able to use the final test sets you used on your backend against my model after this competition would be great for continued learning.


Hi @cmosguy,

It is not currently possible to make additional submissions to the competition.

As noted in the competition documentation, our partners at NASA intend to release the competition data for further research and development. The details of this have not yet been finalized, but we will have an announcement when there is more news.

Thanks for your patience!


recently I had the same consideration and would be very interested in the spectrometry dataset, as well, for further (non-commercial) research and development.
Did you already finalize the release of the competition data? Or is there maybe some way to receive these datasets on demand?

Best regards,

The competition dataset is not yet available–our partners at NASA are still working on setting things up on their end. Thanks for your patience.