Availability of prior Mars competition data?

Would it be reasonable to make the dataset from the previous competition (Mars Spectrometry: Detect Evidence for Past Habitability) available to participants in the current competition (Mars Spectrometry 2: Gas Chromatography)? Currently that data is no longer available for download and can’t be used to support model development in the 2nd competition.

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Hi @bcoburn7. Thank you for this suggestion. We have released data from the first competition as supplemental data. It is now available on the data download page. Please see this announcement for more details.

Hi, is it possible to share the labels of the supplemental data?

@mchahhou the label classes from the first Mars Spectrometry competition are already included in the supplemental_metadata.csv file. Note that these label classes are distinct from and unrelated to the label classes in the Mars Spectrometry 2 competition.