Join my Team now!

Hi, there! I hope you guys are doing well.

I’m Everton Arruda. I got a BS in Electrical Engineering. Regarding this challenge, I really like to perform by creating the business idea and how connect this with the technology that we have been developed and how powerful its for improvement. But mainly how to promote the change by the solution.

I am up to connect with different coworkers. Let’s create a solution together?

Hello, I’m Ernest Talwana. A Lawyer from Uganda. I am interested in joining your team.

Interested. How can i connect with you?

hey guys , I’m a designer,
lets make a team
contact me to my Samila Picone | LinkedIn

Hi, @evertonjuniordasilva . Hi. I am an attorney at law in the Brazilian water and waste management company owned by the state of São Paulo. I believe I could contribute very much to your team by providing expertise on water and sewage data. Also, @samilahiwe1 is interested in joining a team. Would you like to pair up and get busy? Please drop us a line if interested!

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I know a Geospatial Engineer taking part in this competition and he needs teammates. WOuld you like me to recommend you to him?

I didn’t understand this mail.can you clear me for what post you are warning me.please clear your mail.

Oopsie! Sorry guys…he just said his team is already full :grimacing:

Hello! Sorry for the delay, I got covid. But I return now. Do you still without a team? Are you guys interested in join me? I think we can submit something at least a try.