Join My Team - 3 Spots Open!

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Adam, an aerospace engineering student in the United States with machine learning and data visualization experience. I am currently looking for up to 3 teammates with diverse experiences to (most likely) work on a project about clean water and sanitation. Definitely open to your ideas as well!

Simply message me or reply if you’re interested!


Hola, me gustaria formar parte del equipo

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hi,is there any new ideas about clean water?

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I’m in ! Let’s get it


Yes, my current idea is to create a machine learning-based tool to identify potential groundwater sources for wells. There are many underserved communities around the world that lack access to clean water, and drilling wells is one of the best ways to get them access to such a basic human need. This project would reduce costs associated with surveying for groundwater by leveraging satellite data to map groundwater availability in these regions. Again, if you or anyone is interested in this project, just let me know!


Hi! How are you? My name is Malena, I am an anthropology student from Argentina. I have worked on various projects related to enhancing the quality of natural resources, particularly rivers and river basins in my city. I believe that my experience and perspective from the social sciences could be valuable for this team project. Please let me know if you still need people!

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Yes, I’m still looking for people. Just sent you a message, so hopefully you can see it!


Hello, Adam. I’m Sam also an aerospace engineering student but from South Africa. Really cool that you’re also into aero. Are you still looking for team mates.

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Yup, just sent you a message!

Hi! my name is Catalina, I am an Industrial engineering student from Argentina, (i havent started my first year yet). Are you still looking for team mates?

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Hello my name is Lourdes Juarez, I would like to join your group. I am a student of International Relations and I am from Argentina


My name is John Jowa GIS analyst working ZImbabwe atan agricultural based company Afrostain Farmtech

i have a bit of background knowledge actually i am doing aproject on underground water survey in the African region

i think that if we can have a technology to scan the picture of water,eg :sea,river. to analyst theirs color for identifying what the quality of the water,the level of pollution,it is cool. especially if we can identify the seaseed,water hyacinth,etc those plants which were appearing on a big scale means apparently pollution already beginning.
And my idea also on this too,we check out the pollution diseases which come from water pollution and research the data from different places that they have had such pollution disease too. Then we can have more comprehensive information about water resources and water pollution. And i come from China,hope i can get into the team for doing something to help the nature environment.


and i think how to differentiate the different used water and clean the water and recirclethe water is a part too.

Hi, thank you for you input. Unfortunately, this team has already been filled to the maximum of 4 members, so we no longer have spots open. I wish you all the best!

Hi Adam

I am a data scientist…i have got some experience on Sentinel-2 image classification using CNN…
I am interested in joining your team…

Kind regards
Brij Nanda

Hi everyone, I’m not joining the team but I just want to ask did they limit the number of team member on each team? Coz my side got many people asking to join as a team …

yes,there is limited amount.

i am doing this,not only because i‘am interested in the topic,also because if any my suggestion would be useful,then it will be helpful for all other people who need it.thank you for your message.