Hi guys looking for team members to work in clean water and sanitation

Hi I’m a designer , and looking for a team!
I want to change the world .

Hi @samilahiwe1 ! I am a lawyer working as an attorney for the Brazilian water and waste management company owned by the state of São Paulo. Would you like to become a team?

Cool lets do it
only you and I ? Did you talk to other members ?

Hi there! Can i join you? Im Tati from São Paulo and work with brazilian basic education

Do you guys have LinkedIn or something that I can connect with you?

Samila Picone | LinkedIn
This is my LinkedIn, just say hi and lets do it cause we have short delivery time.

Hey guys, how are you? My name is Celeste. I am currently finishing my bachelor´s degree in Biotechnology in Argentina. My line of work is with microbiology to restore soil. I am interested in working with clean water and sanitation, so if you have a spot available I would love to join! Here is my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maría-celeste-acosta-166814207/

I sent you a invitation on LinkedIn

Hi! i am currrently studying Engineering and is very keen on changing the world.If there is a spot available is it possible that I can join your team?