External Data Clarification

The rule for external data for the anomalies detection contest states:

For this competition, use of external data is prohibited, with the sole exception of pre-trained Neural Networks that are included on the External Data thread in the forum.

I don’t see an external data thread, does one exist and I’m just am missing the link? If not, I take there are not actually any pretrained algorithms for us to use?

It looks like this is now it. If you have a pretrained NN post, a link to it here.

Do you mean to say anyone is allowed to post one and not just the sponsors? I’m a little confused about it. If someone posts a pretrained NN that does well, won’t it just artificially shake up the competition?

Yer. Simply put, if you use a pretrained DNN post a link to it on here. If you trained it then publish it and post it.

I tried one kaggle competition and in the very last week several people starting posting their Jupiter notebooks, basically providing people with high performing pretrained models where people could jump up the leaderboard simply by running the notebook.

Are you saying that this is expressly allowed for this competition? If so I am much more hesitant to compete.