Pretrained Neural Networks

There’s a discrepancy in the rules that I would like to understand better. Are we allowed to used pretrained neural networks in the competition? For instance, in the competition benchmark it is mentioned that we can use the pretrained resnet to do feature extraction. However, in the rules it defines data as any executable, and states that “Participants must not use data other than the Data to develop and test their models and Submissions” and pretrained NNs could fall under this category.

What’s our policy for pretrained open sourced NNs? If we are allowed, which ones?

@samitizerxu good question.

Participants can use pre-trained computer vision models as long as they were available freely and openly in that form at the start of the competition. These open-source models do not count as additional non-competition data.

Good luck!

Gotcha. Thanks for the quick reply!

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