Are pre-trained models allowed?


The rules state that external data cannot be used. Does this extend to pre-trained models such as Inception, VGG or other image classification models which have information from external data implicitly embedded in their trained weights? Is their use allowed or forbidden?


Hi Ben,

Pretrained models in particular are allowed as long as they can be released under an Open Source License.

Thanks and good luck!

In that same vein, can a pretrained model be used for feature engineering of the images? Specifically, can I use a object detection and localization model I’ve trained on another dataset to identify object categories and crop out rest of the image? I’m exploring treating this as both a detection and localization problem as well as a multi-class classification problem.

It would be interesting to know, for me it sounds like using external data, but would be nice to know opinion of competition organizers.

I don’t know if it’s necessary to declare pretrained models for this competition, I used models from

I plan to use pre-trained pytorch models from:

I also used pretrained models from: