Error in Submitting Visual Demo file

Continuing the discussion from Final Visualization and Report:

It is suggested in the Submission Format, we can either submit a .mp4 file or include a URL of the visual demo in the detailed report.

When I upload my visual_demo.mp4 file, I get the erorr that the name is not correct.
So I excluded this file from my zipped folder. I added the URL of the visual demo in my detailed report report.pdf.

I tried to upload this file, and got the error that ‘visual’ file is missing.

Please look at the screenshot below:

Could you please suggest what should I do to make a successful submission?

(This is the same answer as the response to your other post, copied here for visibility)

The following submission component(s) are either missing or incorrectly named: {‘visual’}

This means that the image file in your submission may not have the correct name. You likely don’t need to change the visual_demo.mp4 file, but do need to rename your image to visual.png, visual.jpg, visual.jpeg, or visual.pdf..

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you still have trouble!