Data Engineering request line

Until I have an official team, I will hang here - does anyone need scripts/pipelines written to process this data better? If your a DS in need of data cleaning Im your guy, just make a request here!

Hi KeynesYouDiglt,

I was really interested with your proposal I will thankfull if you really pass me out.

I Su! Did you have a specific problem you wanted help with? Have you gotten started or need help with first steps?

I was searching a stepping up at start I need.

OK, have you been able to read the GeoTiffs?

No you can help me on this from beginning.

OK! Have you downloaded the data? There are links here!

Once that’s downloaded, can you tell me your background and profession too? Totally OK if you are a beginner! Also let me know your goals here, are you looking to learn about data in general or build a specific skill?

@KeynesYouDigIt ,
I was on way of research .

OK, still need to know more. I am not sure that answers my question. Are you going through google translate? What’s your native language?

@KeynesYouDigIt ,
no I was a beginner to as native language is Nepali from Nepal.

@KeynesYouDigIt ,

OK cool! I love Nepal! beautiful country!

Did you click the link to download the data yet? Each link should be a data set to download, click them all. Once you have them, the will be in a zip and tar format (this makes all the data smaller so you can download it.) Click the files once their downloaded and let me know what happens.

I got data from your pin :pushpin: is it ok or I need another link to download.

What you have should be fine! Do you see the folders or archives of downloaded data?

Yes thank you and now I download it also.

I want to join to the team .