I look for a team, or teammates

It seems that, there is no posts for team search.

In my opinion, all the people wanting to find a team can discuss here for a while.

I have kaggle competition experiences with medals, but I used transformers for them.

I understand CNN models as well, but I don’t have practical experiences with them.

If you know several models we can try, we can divide the tasks. And, since there are false negative, we need to research to reduce the noise.

Hi @Crimson206 . I am an attorney at law in the Brazilian water and waste management company owned by the state of São Paulo. I believe I could contribute very much to your team by providing expertise on water and sewage data. Wanna discuss this further?

Which competition are you participating in? I think, we are participating in different competitions.


I’m new to this but open to teaming up. I’m a sophomore with a basic understanding of Python. I’m a fast learner and open to anything.

Hey @Ashlyn - I’m also a fellow sophomore with some experience in Python and some beginner background with Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I would be happy to team up on a competition if the time allows - if you are good with this offer, please @ + my name on here and I’ll respond within a day or two.

Hey @ehayashi-volunteer-s yeah I’m cool with this offer, also do you want to work on this on discord.

Hi @Ashlyn - sorry for the late reply. Discord’s fine with me, though I am not sure how to share this with you over the forum.

you can message my email from my profile - I’ll send a Discord invite @Ashlyn


Hi, @ehayashi-volunteer-s. Are you still there? I tried to email you, but you have yet to respond.

Hi Ashlyn - I did not receive any emails on my end - could you share your email instead?