Can I add team members at any time?

For example, can I add a team memeber on November 15, 2020?

Hi @hecci - You can add a team member anytime before submissions are closed. For the Open Arena that’s November 9th, and for the Prescreened Arena that’s November 15th. Keep in mind that each qualifying team only gets one submissions for Final Scoring.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much!

Hi, is it still possible to add someone to the prescreened arena? My team members weren’t added to my team when I submitted our prescreened solution, so they are unable to join the prescreened sprint right now and be added to the final team. Thanks!

@tliu64 Yes that’s fine. Send me there usernames and we can grant them permission to the arena. Just keep in mind they will need to click “Compete” and then you will need to be on a team together for them to be eligible.